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  • Business calendar

    Business events in Croatia. List of all current business events: conferences, congresses, seminars, summits, forums and fairs.

    Rating: 85/100 Eng: NO Cro: YES

  • My Education

    My Education has finally arrived - newest education portal in Croatia. My Education is educational web portal with comprehensive list of companies that are specialized for educational industry. Here you can find everythig from business seminars and ICT certification to foreign language education and translation.

    Rating: 80/100 Eng: NO Cro: YES

  • Learning mathematic with Sketchpad

    With Sketchpad, students or teachers can construct figures, objects, and diagrams and explore their mathematical properties by dragging objects with the mouse. As shapes change, all mathematical relationships are preserved, allowing students and teachers to examine an entire set of similar cases in a matter of seconds. Program is recommended for schools.

    Rating: 75/100 Eng: NO Cro: YES

  • Edunet Cisco Academy

    Edunet is croatian Cisco Academy working by Cisco Networking Academy program.

    Rating: 75/100 Eng: NO Cro: YES

  • IT education

    Informatics education in Croatia. List of companies that are specialized in holding educational seminars.

    Rating: 75/100 Eng: NO Cro: YES

  • Presto - foreign language school

    Learn Croatian easily with our team of trained professionals. By applying Presto method we will help you learn communication basics, and you will get acquainted with Croatian culture and customs. Enter an individual course or join our study groups and have fun!

    Rating: 60/100 Eng: YES Cro: YES

  • - Croatian first names is a site about first names in Croatia containing almost 10,000 descriptions of names. Description includes covering and origin of names, characteristics of names and famous persons having same name. Members of portal can comment and add content to descriptions.

    Rating: 60/100 Eng: NO Cro: YES

  • Positiva health & book webshop

    Positiva shop is webshop which includes big choise of books from diffrent area of life, sports foods and all other things for nice and healthy life.

    Rating: 55/100 Eng: NO Cro: YES